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2018-19 session information below
Past Participant testimonials 
"This was an amazing experience! A safe, trust filled space where we could all grow as educators. I was able to put to practice Social Justice Mathematics learning in the moment with the teachers and students I collaborated with. Inspiration!"
"It changed the entire way I teach math. It made me get more in line with what I learned in grad school...that I let go because I was dealing with classroom management."

"I learned about implicit biases and the importance of viewing through a social justice lens."

"Actual hands on math problems [on social justice issues related to wealth distribution] today with Stanford presenter was incredible and FUN."

    "I learned that the discipline of mathematics is NOT void of bias, cultural relevance, and opportunities to break down barriers.”

    "...my primary takeaway was the practice of asking [...] the ways in which I include equity for "sub-populations" in my lessons, and the way that Maths are a lane changer - fast or slow. And how far students go in Math helps determine the options and availability of choices for them."